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Cold War Hacks

The Best Cold War Cheats with Aimbot & ESP

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Please Note: Before getting our VIP membership, ensure that the particular tool you want is available or has been recently updated to our online platform. We always keep our tools up to date; however, there are delays in delivery times in some situations. While some updates follow through instantly, others take a few hours. All tools on our website are also HWID locked. This means that you can only use the tool you purchase on a single computer. Make sure that your machine is compatible with our tools before buying.

Our Cold War Hack Features

Some of our Cold War Hack Features

Why Cold War Hacks and Cheats?

By Cheryl Draper – Updated August 10th, 2021

Black Ops Cold War’s most recent update started Season 4 Reloaded, and Zombies players are rejoicing at the addition of Mauer Der Toten, set in Berlin. Multiplayer fans haven’t been left in the dust, however, as the update also introduced a remastered version of Rust and even a paintball playlist.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s latest update introduced Season 4, and the game is all the better for it. As with the launch of any other season, the number of players has dramatically increased and the season has also introduced a new event, Ground Fall, in which there are satellites falling from space.

Season 3 Reloaded is here for Black Ops Cold War, and with it has come the 80s Action Heroes event. Along with a range of challenges and game modes, this update has added the ability to purchase bundles featuring Rambo and John McClane as well as weapons skins and accessories inspired by them.

As the 17th installment in the celebrated Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops Cold War has garnered massive amounts of new followers and hype following the newly revamped cross-progression and cross-play features. Thanks to its strong battle passes and creative skin bundles, thousands of online players have now joined the scene, battling it out in the arena every minute for the next reward. And with them comes its fair share of hackers.

Everything from the Warzone to the Battle Royale is rampant, with guys holding an upper hand in the game, making it impossible to achieve a fair win. Cheaters are even finding their way into official search and destroy matches, ruthlessly taking down even the most professional level players with god-level accurate shots and speed. In order to level the rough playing field, it has become almost imperative to grab a few cheats of your own.

At AimFight, we offer you a selection of the best and safest cheats in the game so you can actually have a fighting chance. All our hacks are legitimate and thoroughly tested, so they run in the background without tampering with the normal gameplay or arousing suspicion. We pride ourselves in our team of skilled developers who work extra hard to update the hacks with respect to the changing game, so you can always rest easy without fearing detection.

Among our tools are the most crucial and fundamental cheats, designed such that even the most beginner-level player can make it through the battlefield. Our aimbots are the greatest in the game, affording you the ease of taking down your opponents in one single shot. This way, you get to clear through the field while saving time to map out your other strategies. Our other prime tools like wallhack and ESP scour the map for objects and give you an x-ray vision of enemies hiding behind buildings and walls. They’ll simply never see you coming!

Even with all these amazing tools, all our products come at quite affordable rates. Once you join our VIP membership and select your subscription, you’ll instantly be granted access to all the tools you need to make your arsenal complete. The hacks are also relatively easy to install and safe enough to go without detection.

Aimbot – the Aimbot is primarily designed to increase the accuracy of your aim when sniping or shooting. With our special Aimbot at hand, your enemy won’t have time to react.
  • Critical distance checks
  • Auto-switch
  • Instant Kill
  • Advanced Bone
  • Autofire
  • Auto knife
  • Visible Target settings
  • Smooth Aiming
  • Penetration Checks
  • Bone Prioritization
  • Movement Prediction
ESP and Wallhack – ESP and wallhacks will give you a peek at enemies hiding behind walls and other solid objects. This way, you can save yourself from surprise attacks.
  • Wallhack esp
  • Explosive’s ESP
  • Fully configurable colors
  • Player box esp
  • Weapons esp
  • Player distance esp
  • Player health esp
  • Player names esp
  • Penetration Checks
  • Skeleton esp
  • Supply crate esp
Misc Features – Misc features drastically enhance your interaction and handling experience with your weapon. Take repeated shots without a backfire.
  • No Fog
  • No Recoil
  • No Smoke
  • No spread
  • No sway
  • Aiming at your warnings
  • Fully configurable
  • Proximity alerts
  • VAC
  • BattleEye
  • Easy Anticheat
  • Faceit
  • Video Proof
  • Spectator Protection

Why do people use Cold War hacks?

If you’ve ever interacted with any version of COD, then you know just how competitive and hostile the battlefield can get. Well, hacks make it just a little less so. Okay, a lot. In fact, with hacks, you can achieve wins and earn rewards, using only use a fraction of the effort and time you’d have otherwise used.

But don’t get it twisted; hacks are not only meant for the folk who like an easy win. They can be just as beneficial to the more competitive do-it-yourself players. If this you, you be glad to know that you don’t have to activate the hack all the time. You have the option of using them sparingly against hackers or when navigating through impossible situations. You can also take advantage of hacks such as Anticheat to identify cheaters in the game and protect your hard-earned ranks and prestige.

Other hacks, such as the Aimbot, let you easily take down enemies from long distances or close-range combat. It can even give you a fighting chance against multiple attackers closing in on you at once

Cold War Hacks

The complexity and advanced functions of our Cold War Aimbot

By now, you’ve probably heard about the infamous aimbot tool; it really needs no introduction. It is that one cheat that every hacker has. As the name suggests, the Aimbot basically takes over as you aim and gives you a more accurate shot on target. There is really not much you can do but cower and wait for certain death if you encounter one.

However, much as there are tons of aimbots from different providers out there, they are not made equal. The thing about aimbots is that they tend to come out as a bit obvious of a cheat. Often you’d identify a player using it by having numerous headshots taken consecutively with incredible levels of precision. Sometimes they even start aiming before you see the target, thereby guaranteeing instant death the moment you do

At Aimfight, our aimbots are just as efficient but a little less obvious. This way, you get to protect yourself from being spotted as a hacker.

Cold War Hack

Cold War ESP and Wallhack Hacks

The ESP and wallhacks work hand in hand with the aimbots. For starters, the wallhack quite literally hacks walls and solid objects so you can see your opponents as they hide. You can see other players as they advance towards you and plan a counterattack before they strike. For this reason, wallhack users will appear to be already aiming at you before you hit the corner. If securing many kills is your pride and joy, you will need a wallhack.

Our cold war ESP or Extra Sensory Perception, on the other hand, works much like the wallhack, only it’s more map-oriented and detailed. As such, most ESP works by showing you where loot, weapons, and other valuables are placed all through the map. You also get to see player details like their names, status, and objectives and use the information to hunt down the injured like wounded gazelles and secure an easy kill.

Cold War Cheats

The Best Cold War cheats in the market

The best cold war cheats are, by far, the Aimbot, wallhacks, and ESP. You can confidently face any opponent or tournament and walk away basically unscathed with the three at hand. While aimbot grants you superior aim, wallhacks, and ESP let you see enemies as they approach through corners.

However, the best cheats also have a thing to do with the provider who developed them. As it stands, we have countless hacks out there, each cheaper and more accessible than the next. As a result, the market is crowded with mediocre hacks that can be detected right off the bat. If reported, you might get your account permanently banned.

Because of this, it is always wise to purchase your cold war cheats from trustworthy sources. At Aimfight, we have all your best interests at heart. All our tools are subjected to thorough reliability and safety tests, so they function smoothly under the radar. We even go as far as disabling them the instant you are detected.

Cold War Cheat


Are the Cold War hacks safe to use?

The sad truth is that no hacks are really completely safe to use. There’s always the risk of getting reported. However, some providers make it so that their cheats are safer than others. At Aimfight, all our hacks live up to the task without seeming too obvious.

Where can I download any of the Cold War cheats?

You can download all the latest Cold War cheat at Aimfight. You only need to join as a VIP member, then instantly get access to some of the most reliable cheats out there. We constantly keep our cheats up to date and, therefore, pretty safe to use.

How do I get Cold War wallhack and ESP?

Pretty simply! To get cold war wallhack and ESP, just log into our website at Aimfight and subscribe as a VIP member. By that, you’ll have all the fundamental hacks, including aimbots, ESP, and wallhacks, at your disposal.

How does the aimbot work in Cold War

Once you install an aimbot, it integrates itself into the app and works by taking over the task of aiming and shooting at enemies. It automatically recognizes the most delicate regions; therefore, every shot you take will have an impact.

Can I get banned using Cold War cheats?

Yes, if reported to the game runners, you can get banned for using Cold War cheats. Since they significantly increase your abilities when compared to others, cheats are considered illegal, especially for the more official tournaments.

Are the hacks HWID locked?

At Aimfight, all our hacks are HWID locked. This ensures that they run effectively without errors. However, HWID locked also means that the cheat will only work with the first computer you install it in. for this reason, always ensure that the device you install first is the one you’ll use.

Do I need a HWID spoofer?

You’ll need a HWID spoofer for when you need to evade a HWID ban or completely avoid it. Our hacks at Aimfight are kept continuously updated to prevent them from being easily detected.

Win. Every.Game.

The COD Cold War gaming scene is now more competitive than ever. The influx of new players brought with it an even greater number of hackers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re are pro or beginner; if poorly equipped, any guy with a single hack like Aimbot, or wallhack can spot you and have you down in seconds. Hacks will give you the power to face them back and protect your hard-earned process.

Remember, hacks are only as good as the user. They work hand in hand with your skill and critical thinking skills. So, no matter how good the hack is, you still have to use them intuitively if you don’t want to get busted. At Aimfight, we make all our hacks with your needs in mind. Whether you only need a little help or you need a lot of it, there is a cheat out there for you. Our customer support team is also readily available to respond to any inquiries. So feel free to contact us today.